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Collaborative working for ‘Learners at Risk’

Updated: Mar 9, 2018

"Embrace the support"...

RoseFE Ltd model of wrap around support is a full set of procedures, bespoke to your organisation, designed to provide secure and accessible support for learners at risk of not achieving or progressing through a range of targeted support ‘access’ points. 

This wrap around model also allows College tutors and other College staff to spot early warning signs and identify appropriate support options, be they pastoral or behavioural support, learning support or academic support.

The main purpose of the model is to ensure that any learner at risk of failure and/or leaving your College has timely access to a comprehensive support network to keep them on track and guide them through next steps. 

A central crux of the framework will be collaborative working, within your College by staff across corporate and curriculum areas, and with external agencies and partners.

RoseFE Ltd Model of ‘wrap-around’ support for ‘at risk’ learners for as long as it is required. 

It will be targeted, well publicised, well used and personalised.  The effectiveness and impact of this model of support provided will be monitored through via your Colleges data in the following:

  • Reduction in the number of learner withdrawals  

  • Rapid improvements in learner retention, achievement and success, particularly in underperforming departments

  • Increase in retention of learners accessing Support

  • Increase in learner satisfaction with support

Contact us to see how we can support your organisation with the increase of retention, achievement & success.

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