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#FE A Team from Within

The sun is shining bright and sparkles on the waiting titanium parts and laid out tools, some activity and noise are in the back ground….

Silence is broken by a radio call, “entering service”, there’s a reply of “ok – 2 minutes……” returned “position 2 on road, 3 second split, four stages left without service and 30 miles road to finish…..we’ve no 3rd, 4th, or 7th Gear……”And then, there’s a whirlwind of activity hustle and bustle and frantic, but controlled communication, noise and a undeniable stench of burnt differential oil in the air…..

16 minutes later, the 2003 WRC (World Rally Car) reverses out of the service area, with four complete new suspension uprights, front brakes and a brand new gearbox and four drive shafts…, not forgetting completely cleaned and a brand new set of gravel tyres….the shiny service area relates to carnage…

A team of 4 main corner technicians, accompanied by a parts & engine diagnostics team, weather team and all remaining colleagues supporting…..

We never managed to win that rally, unfortunately the car ended up on its roof on the penultimate stage, oh well ‘If in doubt go flat out’, as the late great Colin McRae said…however, our driver had rented the car and the sponsor had somewhat a hefty bill to pay…!

That was many years ago….but still I watch the same ‘not so young now’ man competing at the top of the sport, he was an apprentice driver of 17 from Finland that memorable rally and learning the tools of his trade….

As were we all. A group of colleagues working together to improve and learn....!

The team was a well-oiled machine, bringing on its own internal successor programme, everyone knew, what both they and their next in line had to do…..communication was informative, decisive and people were accountable – not too blame, however to upskill those around them on new design and technology….the team just kept evolving…!

Stand still in motorsport and you’ve lost, develop, retain and upskill both machinery and people your times and speed will undoubtedly improve and then, but only then, can you compete at the top level….and win!

From industry to education, Further Education must now move to a more flexible and innovative solution to the lack of suitably qualified and up to date STEM teams to deliver, exactly in this day and age, what industry require...!

It is spectacularly clear in 2018, more so than before, that the curriculum offer, both study programmes and apprenticeships, but more importantly accountability, from those signing off the curriculum must have an understanding of their Local Occupational Demand….!

Presently from gathering knowledge on my travels as a consultant and meeting some tremendously hard-working individuals in the process, college campuses, faculty areas and departments sections are in the middle of looking to their offer...for both 18/19 and beyond.

Along with all the other things that come with that, investment, marketing, up skilled workforce the list is endless...Some are clearly relishing the chance for change whereby others, and understandably so are daunted at the task with other more pressing challenges....

However, lose foresight into this revolution to delve into the unknown... and an entire young future local workforce, will not be able to fulfil future employment positions...end result will be a change of demographics and a potential down turn in commerce..!

Get it right.... Prosperity certainly will out do poverty, and social inclusion will prosper in the local and surrounding areas...

Business sense is before you can deliver, you need the quality infrastructure to succeed….! Good teams compete at the top, it’s that simple, a Further Education College, is a groups of teams working for the same outcome......To Inform and Educate…Simple!

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