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Do we live in an inclusive world...?

Growing up in the 70/80’s and particularly in a very male dominated environment, some of the challenges women are presented with, when a woman's menstrual appears I was, totally oblivious of the repercussions and sometimes illnesses it can cause or be linked with.

These challenges recently in the media with a member of the Scottish Parliament outwardly apologising for being late, 'due to her period', with much debate from all genders whether this was the right forum to ‘make an apology for being late, due to her period’..!?!

My opinion, absolutely...!

My first time having to deal with #period poverty was during time in education, many years ago so this is certainly not a new phenomenon...! A young lady was causing havoc within her lessons with behaviour which would challenge the best of us. She was brought to me for the ‘discussion’ on her behaviour when she announced, (some, more than some expletives) that she’s on her period and she had no sanitary towels and no one was listening...! Talk about rabbit in headlights..! I had no idea what to do and quickly ushered her to the college nurse, where problems were overcome and she returned the next day...albeit to have the ‘discussion’. I’m chuffed to say I saw her last year driving a brand new car with a baby in the passenger seat

...What I did learn, being a complete novice working with young people, is that most behaviours somehow have a driver, and this was hers......

Unfortunately this was far from the last time I’ve had to be immersed in this kind of situation with the learners in Further Education.

It’s quite common when working with LAC and the challenges are two fold in certain circumstances when dealing and managing SEN&D provisions. This has massive impact on the young persons studies, there’s also no allowances for exam provisions, and even today we hear of no allowances in modern Business.

Surely we are told we live in an inclusive society

In today’s world where you instantly have access to all and everything from the internet, can purchase an Island via auction and the modern world we live female should have to use a pair of old socks as a sanitary towel.....Great Britain get a grip, allow this to be spoken about and find a solution to change it..! Debate and resolve, what sometimes can be so debilitating to enable support to overcome, or at least support for the longevity of an integrated non stereotypical world...!

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Unfortunatley I think we do not live in an inclusive world. We still have taboo subjects, and this brave article spotlights the plight of period poverty for millions of young women.Ultimatley this leads to a progressive downward cycle in their chances self development, self esteem and access to opportunities. Please share

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